Here is a list of 10 veg food item that can help any vegetarians to build a body. I have stated nutritional content of each and every item along with time of consumption of each item. There are some items which are supposed to intake before workout ,some during workout and some post workout to get notifiable results in 3-4 months.


Sprouts are most important food for vegetarian peoples to consume.100 gm of Sprouts contains 3 gm of protein, 3.3 gm of fibers. Sprouts also contains magnesium , potassium , manganese , iron , calcium , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Vitamin K . As they are one kind of seed they are central source for all the nutrients that are required for a plant to grow. And this high concentrated nutrients source when we intake we get whole lot of benefit with it. 100gm of intake every day before or during gym can help you a lot in building strong body.


Chickpeas are high nutrition value food. 100gms of its intake contains 19gms of protein , 6gm of fat , 61gm of carbs and zero cholesterol. Chickpeas also contains potassium , sodium , magnesium , calcium , iron , Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin C and Vitamin D. As they are found in closed outer cover of plant. Plants transfers all of its highly required nutrient to it making it absolutely nutrients dense food . It can be consumed after your workout to give required amount of protein to your muscle fibers which will be hungry of protein after tearing muscle fibers which happens during workout.


Kidney Beans are also an high nutrition food. 100gms of its intake contains 24gms of protein , 0.8 gm of fat , 60 gm of carbs , 333 calories and zero cholesterol. Kidney Beans also contains potassium , sodium , magnesium , calcium , iron , Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin C and Vitamin D. They are one of best high nutrition food for vegetarians to build a body.Kidney Beans can be consumed as a full meal food and usually consumed as post workout meal. Due to its low fat content high amount of consumption leads to good effect on muscle building


Paneer is one of tasty ways to build a body for vegetarians.100gms of paneer contains 19gms of protein , 27gms of fat ,6.1 gms of carbs. It also contains iron , calcium ,sodium and Vitamin A. Paneer can be taken as a full meal food. It should be consumed in limited amount. Its protein content is admired ,but it also contains good fats. As it is made up of milk ,it is high important food for vegetarians.


Banana is a yellow colored seedless food. Onr medium sized banana contains 1.3gm of protein , 0.3 gm of fat , 27 gm of carbs and zero cholesterol.Banana contains potassium , sodium , magnesium , iron , Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin D. 2-3 Banana gives you enough energy to workout for 2 hours . Its everyday consumption leads to result in building strong muscle fibers.


Oats contains about 6gm of protein , 150 calories and 4 gm fibers.It also contains iron , manganese , zinc and selenium.Oats are usually a breakfast meal .It is just a necessary meal for vegetarian as we say breakfast is most important meal of the day.It can be usually consumed with milk and hot water.It is less in fat contents so it is very good to consume.


Peanuts are high nutrition rich food.100 gm of peanuts contains 26 gm of protein , 16 gm of carbs , 49 gm fat and zero cholesterol.As it is found in ground it contains all vital nutrients of soil or ground.As it is not found throughout the year one can replace it with peanut butter which makes a great food to consume .They can also be mixed with sprouts to form an excellent high protein meal.


Walnuts are also a high nutrition rich food item. 100 gm of walnut contains 15 gm of protein , 65gm fat , 14 gm carbs and zero cholesterol. Walnuts also contains sodium ,potassium , magnesium , iron ,Vitamin B , Vitamin C, Vitamin D. It is necessary food item for vegetarians to build muscle.It also contains anti-oxidants that protects our skin .


Brown Bread contains 11gm of protein , 3.3 gm fat , 54 gm carbs and 1% cholesterol. It also contains sodium , potassium , magnesium , calcium , iron and Vitamin B. It can be usually consumed with jam , peanut butter etc.It is much tastier and healthier than normal breads



1: one glass milk 2:two bananas 3. 30gm oats 4.one spoon peanut butter 5.Add dry fruits whatever you need almonds , cashew , walnuts etc 6. Add chocolate for flavor

Grind above ingredients and consume the shake during workout and post workout . Use this shake for 2-3 month to get effective results.

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