Here is a list of attractive good habits of men.Being attractive doesn’t only mean one have a beautiful face it includes lot of things like behaviors , does he take care of his own health because one who doesn’t care about of it’s own how the hell he is going to care about others.Similarly lot of things are included when you get attracted by someone. So stating good habits that finds most girls attractive about men.

Following is list of good habits every attractive men posses:-


Working out is number one good habits on this list because everyone loves someone who hit the gym someone who takes care of his body.Obviously it gives nice look to your body the clothes you wear becomes fit and becomes more attractive and sexy when some one watches you.However these are all secondary benefits of working out.The primary benefit is that it increases your heart rate ,sweating out releasing chemicals out of your body , giving your muscles a sense of tension by lifting weights will not only increase your strength but also give your body a power and self confidence which add spice to your amazing sexy looking body. Also not to forget that it improves sexual life. It helps in increasing your testosterone level which ultimately proves beneficial for your sex life. To increase your testosterone level little bit fast try to do squats 2 times in a week.


Grooming is second good habits and become the most significant part in today’s life.We itself when first look at some body we consciously or sub consciously look at how he is looking.It is the way it is we can’t do about it .So we always go with one or being attracted to the one who are well groomed who are more presentable than each and every other guys present in the room.Grooming not only includes taking care your face it includes every single part of your body. The guy whose nails are cut , whose hairs are nicely cut , whose face is clean , who wear fit clothes ,who wear clean shoes are all comes under grooming .The guy with all these perfect thing we call it perfectly groomed guy .And he is definitely sexiest among rest of the guys in the room.And will look different from rest of the ones.And every one gets little curious about the one who is different from others.

3.Having a hobby

Having or developing a hobby third good habits is different level of attractiveness.Because having a hobby that means you love to do that thing and won’t get tired while doing that thing.This has great impact on everyone looking at this guy.Here is an example, look you praise a guy who is topper in college but you love a guy who is average in studies , good in sports which he loves the most.That is the difference if someone has a hobby , it shows you do lot of other things than only job you do for survival.This is where attractive part comes because everyone does their job this is because it is thing of survival but the one who does extra things which really matters to them other than chilling at home doing nothing have another level of attractiveness. Good habits of Having a hobby make you busy and alive living a life.

4.Limited alcohol consumption

Limited Alcohol Consumption is fourth good habits. Alcohol consumption amount has been increase in today’s youth.It doesn’t matter the what the occasion is ,everyone just want to get drunk and get relaxed.Alcohol has been consumed when someone is happy , it is being consumes when some one is sad or some one has a heart break.To stand out from the crowd and become more attractive than rest of the individuals you must limit the amount of alcohol consumption.Consuming too much alcohol can internally damage your organs like liver , heart , throat etc.To live a longer disease free life one must limit amount of alcohol consumption.Talking about attractiveness girls love such guys who are in control of what they want in life. Yes , it is best medicine to have when you are very very exhausted and irritated but not in extreme amount.

5.Cooking Talent

Cooking is fifth good habits. In this era of fast food everyone loves to go outside and eat outside food till they have money in their pocket. So having the talent of cooking will not only increase the level of attractiveness in women but you will save lot of money .Which eventually helps you in dating new girls.Cooking is a rare talent that guys possess.No women in this world will hate those guys who have great cooing talent.Every girl’s dream is of having a partner who can cook for her.This is a chance of you guys grab it learn cooking , learn new dishes if you want to impress lot of sexy girls out there .They found it attractive where are you boys.Just start taking cooking lessons now.This rare talent my boys will give you lot of girls and importance.

6.Give Respect and Take Respect

Respecting is sixth good habits. It is a phrase every one knows but no one implements it.Always take care that everyone including both men and women look at you when you deal with other peoples.It is said that it always show’s true personality of an individual by how he treat people which are smaller than them.Example :Imagine you are on a date with a girl the way you deal with waiter while ordering food for both of you is what the girl will look at you.If you behave arrogantly just because he is a waiter you will tend to get horrible negative impact in everyone’ mind.And the perception of you in women’s mind will be very negative.It is one thing every single person will be very happy to get so always give respect and take respect.


Leading is seventh good habits. It is definitely sexy if you are a kind of guy who takes charge of every situation whether it is good or bad.It shows you can control things in your life.You have strong and quick decision making skills which usually attract girls and boys both.Leadership is rare quality not everyone posses it.There is difference between being called as leader and who is actually a leader.Leaders are those who takes blame of situation if something goes wrong and praise it’s team when decision proved to be right.It is said that the team of Lions lead by Sheep will always get defeated by the team of sheep lead by Lion.This doesn’t have to deal with age even young ones can be a good leader

8.Good body language

Good body language is eighth good habits. Good body language means the way you give attention to other people the way you behave in every situation.Your Body Language must meet with the things you said by your mouth.It becomes easy for today’s people because they aren’t get fooled by your sweet lies.This is because your body language tell truth if your mouth doesn’t.Body Language also includes your body posture.It is attractive and sexy to look at person who is confident and carry itself quite well than rest of the others .

9.Choosing Out Clothes Night Before

This habit is ninth good habits .Choosing your clothes a night before is one of those things that shows you are responsible and you know yourself really well.In this fast generation no one has time , to manage in such kind of life one must find out attire which one wants to wear the next day.This will not only reduce your morning rush but also reduce your clothes over head.Choosing clothes a night before has many benefits you can iron clothes which you want to wear next day. And if you choose to wear those clothes in morning itself then you won’t have time to do that .

10. Staying Positive In Every Situation

Staying Positive is tenth good habits . Staying positive in every situation is not an ordinary skill than every single person out there will possess.It is skill which requires lot of practice and self belief.It is just the matter of belief those who think it works for them .Those who don’t belief it doesn’t work for them.If every one doesn’t possess then why don’t you practice this thing and increase your attractiveness level.

11. Take Care Of Our Self

Self care is eleventh good habits . It is really important nowadays to take care of our self because no one is going to come to you to take care of you.Common guy you are an adult now you must take responsibility of your personal and financial life.It subconsciously sends a message to every one he is the one who can take care of me.If you don’t value your self ,you don’t take care of your self how the hell you will care of your partner.

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