Here is list of 12 how to forget someone or move on from your love things to know or any form of depression.I have listed practically successfully working tips to get over break up.After implementing all of these you will surely be a very different person that you were before or rather i would say improved version of yourself.

Following is list of how to forget someone or move on from your love things to know :


How to forget someone or move on tip no 1 is Workout is most effective and best way to get over something which is continuously bothering you i.e here painful memories of a girl. Workout or Exercise is anything that makes some physical movement of your body and makes your body burn some calories.Workout or Exercise can be anything i.e hit gym , play sports , swimming etc .Whenever a certain chemical relieves out of your body it gives your brain and body a sense of relaxation.Serotonin and Norepinephrine are two hormones responsible for relieving an individual from depression ,this is what workout does.Doing Workout or doing exercise increases this hormone secretion and helps in getting over depression.Doing Workout will also increase your self confidence which makes you feel good about yourself.

2. Block Her then Unblock Her.

How to forget someone or move on tip no 2 is blocking and unblocking game. Yes, you have read it right. First block a girl, then Unblock her. To explain this i will take 2 stages and you will get your answer by you itself. Stage 1:Consider you have blocked her , you are crying mentally broken down or whatever worst feeling an individual go through after break up.For initial 3 months will be very difficult for you but do as fun things as you can.
Now you have survived 3 month now you are bit strong but what if if someone show you her picture or talk about her or do anything related to her ,yes that will heart and that will reduce your progress by half a month.To tackle this , Stage 2: unblock her by you itself .Yes, it will hurt you for some days but that you have survived for 3 months you will be strong enough to see her photo but you won’t get melt and get heartbroken .Once you survive this process after unblocking her for 1-2 month you will be ready to get over her quickly. According to research it take almost 1 year to get over someone you really love , but if you do as i say above you will almost do it in 9-10 month .

3.Make Yourself Busy.

How to forget someone or move on tip no 3 is Engage yourself in any fun activity.Start Reading a book , Go to club , Play Sports , Watch motivational videos , do your work, don’t just lay on bed lazily or doing nothing.Because ‘Empty mind is devil’s home’ , I hope you heard this line.Making yourself busy will not only distract your mind to think in that direction but will also make you more efficient.The more you engage yourself in any activity it becomes difficult for your brain to think of her ,eventually your mind will stop thinking of her and start thinking of activity you have done whole day and if it gets tired you will sleep with nice sweet dreams.Hence there is no time to your brain to think of anything that hurts you ,subconsciously it’s there and will always be and why don’t be because it’s the most beautiful feeling your heart and brain have ever experienced but once you get busy only two things will happen. 1- your brain will think of activity .2- After getting tired your brain will need rest.This will help in forgetting her memories.

4.Build a Bad Ass Personality.

How to forget someone or move on tip no 4 is building personality. Yes build a Bad Ass Personality. But the question rises how, to make it simple break into 2 parts .

Part 1: You can build bad ass personality physically by doing work out or go to gym daily.Build such a strong physique that if any one watches you after sometime will get stunned by your transformation.And as soon as you do that everyone around you will start respecting you.This is one thing getting respect by just watching you another thing is a way you talk.Congratulation you have build bad ass physique half work is done if you have achieved that. Part 2: Building a bad ass attitude is second half of building a bad ass personality.You can do it by stop giving fuck about what people think of you. Talk less and open with some one who you think deserves it not every one need to know everything about yourself. Don’t allow irritating outside people to damage your inner peace. Use your physical strength wherever it is necessary the most or rather avoid involve it in fights and if you do involve, do it completely.Always have soft corner in your heart you are being treated badly that doesn’t mean everyone will be like that. Don’t allow anyone to treat you badly, once you accept it ,it becomes their habit to treat you like that. Hope you get idea how to develop bad ass personality. Surely it will help you forgetting her and becoming you a strong personality


How to forget someone or move on tip no 5 is Traveling is the most beautiful and easiest way to get over girl or a break up or any thing more devastating than this.There are many benefits of traveling which helps anyone to get over depression .Traveling allows you to experience new culture , improves your being social and communication skill. It gives your mind a peace which you need so badly these days.It also helps you in getting constructive and creative thoughts. It increase you mind canvas and helps your mind in enhancing your tolerance over uncertain harsh things. It boosts your confidence and you got to learn about life education and you will realize how different it is from what we learn in classroom. Travel improves one’s mood and the natural beauty will make you forget about her and realizing your self worth. You got to earn lot more than you have now. Traveling once in 3-4 month is really necessary for one’s physical and mental health.

6.Get Financially Successful

How to forget someone or move on tip no 6 is Getting Financially Successful is most important aspect these days. See it is harsh truth that if you are financially successful everyone will start respecting you , value your opinion , try and implement what you have done in your life so that they can achieve same financial success that you have achieved. It is also important to know ,any girl will always get attracted to some one who have financial success .Harsh but true we are living in a generation where if you are marrying a girl for her money then it is considered as you don’t love her you have just married her for her wealth.Similarly if a girl does the same it is considered as she is thinking about her future.So achieving financial freedom and becoming financially successful is really important for you guys. So stop falling for a girl and start working because no girl will choose six packs over six cars. Unless you had both.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 7 is don’t rush into dating. Yes , don’t date too early after a breakup to forget him or her. Give yourself a time to get your best version back.Once you gain yourself back it will be very clear for you to know which kind of people to date and to whom you can give your heart . And if you do date too early it is like time pass thing for you to get over your ex but you must remember you are playing with other person’s feeling for your cure . This ultimately make you a person whom you are currently not but taken initiative to become such devil mind person.You might think or take a feeling of proud that I can date any body really fast i can get any body i like.But the fact is the person with whom you are will eventually get to know your true colors after some.And even if you are truely loving them they won’t find it real because you are subconsciously become such a devil person you don’t even realize.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 8 is Please do spend time with your friends when you are going through this stage.Because you don’t even realize you started avoiding them at some instance of time due to your relationship.This thing your friends also knew , but they won’t speak a single word.They also understand their importance is temporarily decreased due to relationship.Still they will always welcome you with same energy .When you are heart broken and you went to meet them by watching your facial and physical attitude only they come to know that you are suffering from some thing .Friends are such a wonderful gift they understand you they make you feel light and be with you whatever the situation is in your life. There is quote that no. of friends are not important the quality or the true one is only thing that matter.If you have one true friend then you are richer than the one who has useless many ones.False friend is more dangerous than a true enemy.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 9 is music. Music has the ability to manipulate your mood. And there is saying that when you are happy you enjoy the music but when you are sad you understand the lyrics.And obviously you are suffering from break up you are going to understand the lyrics. This is most important stage of your life you got to learn so much that you won’t even learn when you are being normal.The power of break up is very high if you take in correct direction and plus when you hear the perfect song it is like cherry on the cake.You will cry but 2 things are happening at same time.One you are healing , second you are learning and at same time music is doing its magic also.So go ahead hear what ever break up songs you want to hear , that is ultimately helping you. Partying a lot also helps you in healing process .If you can afford you must definitely do it.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 10 is avoid taking name. It is good to speak about whatever you feel about that person to your loved or trusted ones but don’t over do it.Yes I know you are hurt and just speak up what ever inside you but it’s done it’s done .Don’t talk about that person much .Yes you will remember that person because relationship has time limit but memories are immortal they will always be there .And always remember missing some one is part of healing from break up.The time you do it so much other person gets a chance to have an opinion that you are so weak .Don’t ever show that you are weak to any one because showing your weakness to any one in this world is world’s biggest mistake.Taking that person’s name continuously while talking will take you backward in the process of forgetting that person.The best way to do that is talk on some funny topics crack jokes instead of talking about that person.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 11 is to Learn fighting or any other kind of defense skill is also a good way to get over a break up.This is because when you are learning fighting or boxing skill you will sweat and at the same time your all inner frustration will comes out and that benefits you in a positive way.Because when you sweat your body also removes chemical from your body which will eventually helps you because that chemicals also include negativity which resides in your body.This negativity basically comes because you loose your confidence when you suffer from such break up or any kind of depression situation.And although learning this skill will also be beneficial for you in future.You never know what situation might rise in front of you and you might get a chance to show case your frustration removal skill which you have learnt as anger settlement or anger cool down activity.


How to forget someone or move on tip no 12 is laughing. The best remedy for any worst kind of situation is laughing.It is said that when you laugh at any situation comes in front of you.No one has ability to hurt you or to destroy you.It is best medicine for both physical and mental patient.When you fake laugh also your brain automatically started to view any situation in a funny manner.And it is said that if you can laugh at worst situation of life you won the match not the problem.Similarly break up when you laugh at your break up even if you are hurt eventually you will less hurt yourself.Fool your brain that you are happy by fake laughing eventually your brain will forget why you are laughing and eventually forget the situation of yours.

Above trick are personally used by me to get over a break up in addition to that you can also do thing that might help you .

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