Here is a list of some famous identical twins type personalities.It means both personalities are quite famous ,here there is comparison between such two faces in which both personalities are identical and have achieved big their life. Though we can see lot of peoples with similar face structure but we covered only famous one so that , we all can identify them easily and compare and see by our self. Along with their faces , I have stated their profession and their professional record too.This will helps us to understand. Its not the twin face which meant to do something in profession its our life decision which leads our self to reach where we are today.

Following is list of famous identical twins type personalities in the world:-

1.Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shezad

Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad

Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad are first in list of identical twins type personality list. Both of these personalities are very famous and plays cricket for their nation. As we all know Virat Kohli plays for India but Ahmed Shehzad not been a regular member in Pakistan Cricket Team. Virat Kohli came to international cricket before Ahmed Shehzad. Initially Ahmed Shehzad puts a clean shaven look but when he decided to put a beard he tends to look similar to Virat Kohli. It seems like two players with same face playing in a match but with different t-shirt. Although Virat is 3 years older than Shehzad, but for Pakistani’s Shehzad is their Virat Kohli look wise.

Name D.O.BProfessionDebutNation
Virat Kohli5/Nov/1988Cricketer18/Aug/1988India
Ahmed Shehzad23/Nov/1991Cricketer24/April/2009Pakistan

2.Anushka Sharma and Julia Michaels

Anushka sharma and Julia Michaels

Anushka Sharma and Julia Michaels are second in list of identical twins type personality list . Both belongs to an entertainment industry. Anushka Sharma is renowned actress in bollywood. She has done 19 films so far in her 10 -15 years of film career in which she has done work with all big stars and 3 “KHANS” of bollywood.On the other hand Julia Michaels real name is ‘Julia Carin Cavazos’. She professionally known as Julia Michaels. She has won 2 music in her such small career. She has posted her photo on twitter in which she is showing similarity between Anushka and her face.Anushka Sharma also shows a good gesture and replied her back and this become hot topic for some days and whole world come to know about face similarity between those two beauty queens. Same face , same industry , different talent.

Name D.O.BProfessionNation
Anushka Sharma1/May/1988Actor, ProducerIndia
Julia Michaels13/Nov/1993Singer , Song writerU.S.A

3.Ab de Villiers and Jason Stanham

De Villiers and Jason Stanham

AB de Villiers and Jason Stanham are third in list of identical twins type personality list .AB de Villiers full name is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers. He is South African star batsman. He is knows as Mr.360 or AB as his nick name. Initially he doesn’t seem to like similar to Jason Stanham.It’s his bald look which kind off look similar to Jason. AB has earned love from all parts of the world especially Indian crowd loves him so much.This is because of IPL (Indian Premiere League) which binds players from all parts of world into a single team and give pleasure to everyone to see crowd’s favourite players into single team.On the other hand Jason Stanham is a British Actor and Producer who has done above 40 films in his career till now. His father use to do odd jobs like painter , coal miner. But he escaped out his family from those tough situation

Name D.O.BProfessionNation
AB de Villiers`17/Feb/1984CricketerSouth Africa
Jason Stanham26/July/1967Actor, ProducerEngland

4.Cm Punk and Paddy Upton

Cm Punk and Paddy Upton

Cm punk and Paddy Upton are fourth in list of identical twins type personality list . Cm punk whose real name is ‘Philip Jack Brooks’. As Wrestler ,Due to their physical personality they got more and more offers from hollywood industry to play certain role in a film.Cm punk has done over 10 films in his film career. He is respected athlete or wrestler as he has defeated renowned and strong opposition wrestler which include John Cena , Randy Orton and many more wrestler. He is also awarded as Wrestler of the year in ‘2011-2012’. His beard look , kind off look similar to Paddy Upton. Paddy is a head coach in professional T20 cricket.He is also a mental Coach and Executive coach for sports athletes .He has a master’s degree in sports science .He has also worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach in South African Cricket Team.He is also a Coach of winner of 1st ever IPL team winner Rajasthan Royal as you can see in picture itself.

Name D.O.BProfessionNation
Cm punk26/Oct/1978Wrestler , ActorU.S.A
Paddy Upton5/Nov/1968Sports CoachSouth Africa

5.Herschelle Gibbs and Pitbull

Gibbs and Pitbull

Herschelle Gibbs and Pitbull are fifth in list of identical twins type personality list .Herschelle Gibbs was South African destructive batsman.He had been great middle order batsman for his country . Herschelle Gibbs had hit 6 sixes in an over which makes him very very popular in world cricket .He had hit those sixes in ICC cricket world cup 2011 against Netherland.On the other hand Pitbull who has identical face to Gibbs his real name is Armando Christian Perez.He is also known as Mr. World Wide .He is an American Rapper , singer , song writer.He has sung many hit songs .He had done 4 films till now and many television shows.

Name D.O.BProfessionNation
Herschelle Gibbs23/Feb/1974CricketerSouth Africa
Pitbull15/Jan/1981Singer ,song writer , rapper , EntrepreneurU.S.A

6.Roger Federer and Arbaz Khan

Roger Federer and Arbaz Khan

Roger Federer and Arbaz Khan are sixth in list of identical twins type personality list .Roger Federer is an Swizz Professional tennis player.He is ranked in top 5 tennis players in the world .He has won many 20 singles titles and has huge fan following over the world.On the other hand Arbaz Khan is an actor ,producers in Indian film industry and is younger brother of Famous Indian Superstar Salman Khan.He has produced a well known film ‘Dabang’ which is become huge hit and Arbaz got his name in 100 crore film producer of India

Name D.O.BProfessionNation
Roger Federer8/Aug/1981tennis playerSwitzerland
Arbaz Khan 4/Aug/1967Actor ,producerIndian

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