List of 6 web series related to office or job life how it changes life initially , how frustrating it could be , how to get out from that job frustration , what kind of challenges you have to face in your job life , how personal life get affected by it. Each web series gives answer to each and every question we have discussed above. You will get to find answers of each question in different different web series .Each web series has been made covering individual points and give answer to your questions one answer in one web series not all answers in every web series.

Following is list of web series every employee must watch:-



Cubicles is web series from TVF(The Viral Fever).It is web series for employee. TVF is a web site based startup working in entertainment media line. It makes interesting web series and which are only available on TVF platform and TVF youtube channel which has close to 7million subscribers. Cubicles is one of the web series from TVF which has been made on job or office .How new employee has to face problem in initial days of its joining in new company , how the young new employee placed in company from college being treated , how one has to make adjustments while living in another city with room mates or flat mates even if, he is your college friend, how accidentally you create enemy in office , how that enemy take its revenge from you , Even if he is your enemy he is also a person at the end why he behave that way, how life changes when you meet a new girl at your office, how you manage your salary considering your desires and your limitation all these things has been covered in this web series so this is must watch for you guy.

2.What’s Your Status

What’s your status

What’s Your Status is an amazing amazing web series from Cheers!. It is web series for employee . It is a youtube channel which has over 900k subscribers and has in total 92 videos uploaded till now on its youtube channel .Cheers! produces really odd topic videos and due to which it is being loved by many peoples out there. What’s your Status is one such web series from Cheers! where 3 different stories are running in 3 different boys whose status are one is single , one is committed and one is married.This is included in office kind off web series because it shows 3 different aspects of job life. How we are in college before entering in professional life, how we become after entering in professional life, how to balance both personal and professional life and in parallel enjoy your life too , how job life sucks for married individual still they have to fight and maintain their marriage relationship successful despite of lot of arguments and fights. All 3 aspects are portrayed you decide and feel if you are going through one of 3 stories in this web series.

3.Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri is a fun office web series from Arré. Arré is an Indian Entertainment based content producer company. It is web series for employee .It has youtube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers. It has total of 663 videos uploaded till now on its youtube channel. Official Chukygiri is one such web series from Arré which is a story of guy from Meerut city which comes to Mumbai for internship. How he has to face issue with egoistic people in office, how he wins heart of all peoples in office, how he helps his boss, how his small town strategies which he had learnt in the city taken as tip by boss and eventually proved to be working for boss.This web series is divided into 2 parts one is Official Chukyagiri and another one is Official CEO Giri. The second part is all about Old CEO of a company who has to face issues because his old company boss resigns and took its all customers with herself resulting in company’s loss.



Rise is a web series from Cheers! Another interesting Web series from Cheers!. It is web series for employee . It is web series from popular Actor “Vikrant Massey”. Rise as its name suggest how do we fight back , or rise in life when we are smacked down by life suddenly without giving you any idea about it. Rise is a story of office going guy who saves money from salary every month and buys his dream bike. And after few days he is being fired from company not for his work but due to some company issues. Drastic change occurred in the life of this guy. He tend to think of selling his bike , but when he talk to his father regarding this. His father advised him to take a road trip from that bike.The guy thinks it is bad advice but he follow his dad’s advice and went on a road trip.How that trip helps him realizing what has to happen had happened , now focus on next that might be much much better that this. This is included in office web series because you should know you might get fired from office for any random reason but you must have potential to fight back and get better than you were previously.



Pitchers is most loved and entertaining series from TVF by young individual. This is not based on any girl .This is a must shown scenario for young individual who wish to quit their job and jump on to become an Entrepreneur.Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy job , how many bunch of problems you have to face even for deciding to become an entrepreneur. How you have to quit your daily habits , how you have to manage your savings and focus completely on your dream business.This is one such story of 4 guys out of which one had an idea and able to convince all 3 of his friend to join him and they all 4 can get successful in life with this idea. How they support each other in difficult times, how to properly propose your business plan in front of expertise every things you got to see in this web series.

6.Please Find Attached

Please Find Attached

Please Find Attached is a small romantic web series from Dice media.It’s a youtube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers and total of 127 videos uploaded till now.Please Find Attached is a story of one boy and one girl who work in same company but girl finds difficulty in reaching office as it is very far from company.She decided to take a flat for rent .While searching for flat she founds out that guy needs a flatmate and she asked for becoming a flat mate to a guy then how office work takes small small turns in their life it’s all about that. It”s a short series but yes might be helpful in finding your partner in office too , become flat mate and might eventually become real life partner.

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