Here is a personal grooming tips for men’s to look more handsome. I have stated a list of things if any guy does , he will surely look more handsome than before. I have stated what things to apply and when .Each item has a specific task, so do as stated. However grooming varies, and it depends upon what kind of look individual prefers to show i.e clean shaven look , subtle beard look , proper beard look. I have put an extra tip below to helps you getting extra good results .And I am not saying use those product which I have stated use that product brand that suits your skin type. I have stated product type what to use which brand you want to use its up to you, hope this will help you.

Following is list of grooming tips for men:-

1.Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk

Personal grooming tip no. 1 is using Cleansing milk as its name gives an idea that it is milk kind of solution which is used for cleansing. Applying cleansing milk can not only clean your skin but also helps in hydrating your skin , keeping your skin soft , and also moisturizes a skin. It can be applied at least once in a month or it could be more beneficial if you use it once in a week. Frequent use of cleansing milk doesn’t allow any dirt and impurities to stick around on the skin which makes your face look more tired or exhausted or it doesn’t look fresh which results in decrease in self confidence. Steps to apply: 1. Wash your face with only water (if it is mid warm it will be much better). 2. Apply cleansing milk to all your face and massage it till it gets vanished from your skin. 3. Now take cotton with little pressure move over your skin you will get to see how much amount of dirt your skin is going through.

2.De tan

De tan cream

Personal grooming tip no. 2 is using De tan as its name gives idea that this cream helps in removing tan. This cream is more useful in summer days ,however the frequency of using this cream is low in winter as compare to summer. Applying De tan cream not only removes tan from your skin but also nourishes , soothes , calms , heals , whitens , brightens , lightens , and glows your skin. It contains mint and other essential oils which helps in catching tan of your skin and leaves bright skin .It can be used once in 10 days in summer and once in a month in winter .Don’t use this cream on daily basis this can harm your skin. Steps to apply: 1. Wash your face with medium warm water. 2.Apply de tan cream uniformly over the face and keep it for 15-20 min on your face as it is. 3.Make cotton wet and remove de tan cream slowly while massaging it , no need to wash your face with any face wash as it make your skin glow.

3.Peel off mask

Peel off mask

Personal grooming tip no. 3 is using Peel off mask as its name suggests it is a face mask. There are two kinds of masks 1 is charcoal face mask 2nd is honey based mixture mask. Basically peel off masks are used to remove dead skin cells from your face . It is used to remove black heads or white heads from your face which make your skin looks horrible.Using it 2 times a week can give you interesting results those who are suffering from black heads issues. If it is a charcoal mask then charcoal removes toxic bacteria , dirt and oil from the skin. After removing mask what you get is clean and clear skin. Steps to apply : 1.Wash your face with medium warm water this will open skin pores. 2.Apply mask and keep it for 20 min. After removing mask you will get to see yourself what dirt is removed from your skin.

4.Charcoal Face wash

charcoal face wash

Personal grooming tip no. 4 is using Charcoal face wash is necessary because you don’t need any kind of face wash which only makes your face look brighter temporarily. The face wash must removes impurities , toxic dirt and oils from your skin.This charcoal face wash does for you it also makes your skin glow and make you look fresh. So , using charcoal face wash is highly beneficial .

5.Multani Mitti

Multani miti

Personal grooming tip no. 5 is using Multani mitti powder is natural way to deal with almost all skin problem. Multani mitti has a reputation to fight with acne , pimples and harmful oil from your skin.It deeply remove dirt , sweat and impurities.It enhances skin tone , make even tone glow on your face and brightens your complexion.It can also be used in tanning and pigmentation,it is also effective in treating sunburn , skin rashes , and skin infections. It cools your skin temperature gives immense amount of pleasure till it is applied on your face . Steps to apply: 1.Wash your face with medium warm water. 2.Properly mix multani mitti powder and apply it on skin leave it 20 min to see impressive results



Personal grooming tip no. 6 is using Trimmer. Every men must have trimmer in their grooming kit. Trimmer helps you in designing whatever look you desire to have at home. It also helps in removing extra hair of your which makes you look unprofessional.Whatever amount of hair you need on your face can be set using trimmer , Whether you require clean shaven look , subtle look , or well maintained beard look.

7.Beard oil

Beard oil

Personal grooming tip no. 7 is using beard oil. This product is for those who obviously have beards.Having a beard is a good thing , but having a well maintained beard is even better to have. This men’s item is for those who takes their beard seriously. I see most of dudes out there have a cool beard but not properly groomed , dandruff is coming out of their beard that looks really disgusting. So guys yes girls love guys with beard but not the one who has filthy beard ,in fact the one with well groomed beard.

Extra tips:

  1. After using cleansing milk , you can use de tan to get extra good effect on your skin.Cleansing milk will remove dirt , de tan will remove tan and brightens your skin.
  2. After applying Charcoal or any other face mask use charcoal face wash to get extra good results.
  3. After using multani mitti don’t use any other cosmetic product like face wash for at least 3-4 days.

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