Here is a list of how to impress a girl secrets every men must know. How to get a girlfriend ? This question is also answers. Every men should know about women before dealing with them.This will help you taking fast decisions and stop arguing with them on certain topics.You better be stay away from these things while talking with them , and if you don’t do you will got to face failure while dealing with them .It looks funny but this is how it is.If you do care of these things you will save your relationships from getting in wrong direction. These are set of things one must keep in mind before dealing with them and started impressing them.

Following are list of how to impress a girl secrets every men must know before dealing with them:-

1.Women have strong memory.

How to impress a girl secret number 1.Yes, you have read it right. We guys do forget small small things like we forget important dates , we forget the day we first met them , first kiss and almost every thing.But women have kind of permanent storage memory for all these things.They some how remember exact date what happen on particular day. It might be the case you are fighting with her on valid reason and the moment you thought you are going to win the fight, she will knock you with something that might had happen before an year and unfortunately you were guilty that time.She will continuously taunt you regarding that thing until you accept you were guilty that time .That might be another case that she is currently wrong but you were wrong you were guilty this is what matter’s the most.So never mess with a women on fight regarding dates even if she is wrong tell her mistake softly.Because we can never win a fight with a girl you love she will always knock you down with something you don’t even expect to get happen.

2.Problem Solvers.

How to impress a girl secret number 2. Girls need a guy who are problem solvers who will take her away from any situation. In hindi special word for them called as “Jugaadu”. Girls always get attracted to a guy who are problem solvers who knows what to do in every situation, what things to stay away from and the one who can protect her even if she is wrong. But guys you should know you can’t fix every thing sometimes girls have to face problems by them self what you can do at this time is just pamper them , console them , support them by saying something like .Hey my love, I am here for you just hang on you will be alright soon. This will increase your bond toughness.Her trust on you will increase as you were with her when things are not right for her. She will remember this every time when in future if she found herself in that situation. So cheer up guys ‘Be with her in tough situation’ .This will improve your bond and build a foundation of trust between both of you.

3.Girls Hate Guys Who Focuses on Every Other Girl.

How to impress a girl secret number 3. Girls hate that kind off guys who suppose to check out every single girl in a room.To kind of teasing her it is ok , but if you constantly looking for another girl even if you have one,this will reduce her interest in you.Guys look at girl because they think there might be something better than what they have.They forgot the level of comfort two of you share which will be very difficult to find in another girl.Guys always think what if someone better like someone with better physical figure is there but they forgot having a good figure is different thing having same sense of opinion which brought both of you together is very difficult to find.So here is where most guys fails result in devastating break ups. But you can’t do anything brother , you haven’t value her when she was with you, she will also don’t have anything to do with a guy who has no interest left in her. So Guys respect and value your girl when she is with you if you don’t you will suffer really bad.The girl you were loosing in this process of finding better might be the one who cares for you the most , with whom you don’t need to pretend .You can be the one you really are.If you find someone like that keep her bro ,because it is very difficult these days to find such one .

4.She Hates Ignorance.

How to impress a girl secret number 4 .As s guys we ignore the person who cares about you a lot ,and we started thinking that she will always be there and you don’t want to commit her. Here guys get wrong she is not there for you , she made her available for you understand the difference brother. Women don’t want to get ignored , doesn’t want to get treated as another secondary option, she wants your attention she want to feel loved by you every single day.And if you constantly disappoint her with your self centered behavior she will definitely leave you. No women on this planet loves to get ignored so respect her attitude , respect her feelings other wise you are gonna miss her presence in your life , but by that time she might have gone so far that you couldn’t even able to see her. If your instincts are giving you hint that she is the you wanted to spend rest of your life with , just grab her and never leave her.

5.Declining In Interest In Her.

How to impress a girl secret number 5. We guys when we like a certain girl we are like you are so beautiful , you are most beautiful girl we have ever seen , You are so hot and tempting. But once we got that girl we don’t feel the same girl as beautiful as you think before.This is where we guys do mistake. As a love of your life or being called as your girl she wanted to feel she is very good looking every single day.Yes as a man it is our duty to make our girl feel like princess.No girl will like when his man looses interest in her .She feels like she is not attractive as she were before.This is the case because guys do forgot she is their life.They have done lot of hard work and promises to get her but once she is their they are not valuing her.

6.Women are Insecure Species

How to impress a girl secret number 6. Yes brother she is insecure about lot of things .They always got insecurity about loosing you . about you are with some other person , about you don’t love her any more As a men we have to eliminate these insecurities by putting effort or by being romantic with her telling her every single day possible how much you love her. This will increase her trust on you and helps you both in nourishing the relationship very well.

7.They Aren’t Like What We Think

How to impress a girl secret number 7. We think like girls like guys with bigger body , bigger bank balance ,bigger status. Real girl who loves you won’t really look at these things . All they wanted is to feel loved by you so passionately by you. Women always love guys who always think of her girl who always try and put an effort to get their relationship to be successful.I am talking about good real girls .The Gold digger girl will always find fault in your life unless you use your cash on her.

8.Don’t Argue With Her During Her Periods

How to impress a girl secret number 8. Brother this one thing you got to know really well is that don’t ever argue with her during her Periods Even if you are right you are wrong and if you are really wrong then get ready for her pinching hurting words.

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