Here is the list of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear. It is quite similar to guys who desire to see women in particular attire that looks good when they wear them.It is fact that the first thing you notice about someone is how they look , what they are wearing so here is list of things i have stated that women love to see on guys. The list includes independent items it’s depends on you how you use these combinations to look more appealing.

1.Fit Jeans

Fit jeans or to be more precise slim fit jeans are most love bottom attire for men.It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much.They tend to get attracted to men who have wore this fit jeans is because girls do checkout men also.Wearing this fit jeans will fit into your bottom body really well.This will flaunt your butt a little which is what girls look when you wear this fit jeans.Yes girls also checkout guys butt it’s hard to believe but it is true.This is what girl find more appealing and more sexy in men.The color you choose to wear totally depends upon what kind of upper wear you are wearing.But ‘Black’ and ‘Dark blue’ are two color which you can wear on almost every kind or color of upper wear you are wearing.These two doesn’t have any impact on the colors of shirts you are wearing .They just fit in almost every color.


Wearing Hoody is we think was a trend before.But after talking to lot of girls I came to know ,they are still the kind of outfit they still finds sexy on men. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. I was shocked to hear that but it is the tip I got from them.All kind of hoody are not attractive as you think.The more you get those hoody which fit into your body or that doesn’t look over sized on your body that is kind of hoody the women’s are looking for.There are different kind of hoodies some are T-shirt kind of hoodies some are jacket hoodies but despite of the type of hoody you always try and buy that one which will fir properly into your body. Another thing you must take care about is the hoody shouldn’t be filled with lot of pictures or design that might end look you childish and immature.If a hoody has one or two design on small portion or if it is completely blank then then you are buying right one.


T-shirts you have read it right guys.It is just a simple classy t-shirt that will increase your clothing game. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. It is about fitting those t-shirt according to your body.Every cloth you wear if it is properly fit into your body , automatically you will spotted differently in entire room.Wearing t-shirt is not for everyone ,what I mean by that is , T-shirt will look more cool on guys who hit gym or who are having some health. If you himself spot a skinny guy who is wearing t-shirt you will subconsciously made a decision into your mind that this look over sized on such guys.It doesn’t mean skinny guys can’t wear these t-shirt , it’s just that little muscular men can rock the look with t-shirts.It’s all about exposing your bicep vein when you wear t-shirt.One must always take care of sleeve length which matters the most.

4.Denim Shirts

If you have read above paragraph and get offended, here is a cloth for you guys also. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. Denim shirts are classy .They are just amazing.It looks more classy on everyone .It doesn’t matter you are skinny or muscular you will look classy and more attractive in this attire.This is the beauty of this denim shirt.It make everyone looks good , looks more young , more classy , more charismatic .It is the one attire if you wear combining with proper color trouser you will going to get attention from all those ladies faster than everyone other person in the room. Almost all age ladies are tend to like this attire on men. The women from high school , women from college , women from job , the women who is married love this attire.


Wearing a jacket will only enhances your look. The jacket must be fit to your body. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. Wearing a jacket that fit to your body with t-shirt inside will take your look to another level.Care must be taken , choosing the color that matters the most in wearing a jacket.To avoid more confusion and headache of deciding which jacket to choose for which kind or color of t-shirt , play safe always wear Chocolate brown or dark brown jacket.This jacket make you look more masculine , more sexy in the room.Other color you might consider would be ‘Black’ colored jacket .Those two are universal colors in terms of jacket .You can wear them on almost every color.So get it and take your sexiness on next level this winter.

6.Well Tailored Suit

It is something great about wearing suit. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. It shows and defines your class and your status.It sends a message that you are financially successful , you have dressing class.Well tailored suit makes a guy looks incredibly sexy.Women’s just find those guys really sexy.Yes It is true that girls are attracted to guys who are financially successful.But wearing a suit enhances their attraction in girls mind.This doesn’t mean you can just buy any suit and will look awesome.It’s the fitting it’s the way you tailored it is important , the small bow which fits tie is important.Girls find those guy really sexy who focus on those small small details.

7.Cool Eye wear

Yes it is also recommended by girls , if a guy wear cool sunglasses then they found it sexy. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. Wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean you are looking sexy .There are certain shades of glasses that only suits your face or your jawline .Along with Cool sunglasses you must wear clothes that suits you so that when you wear glasses will give a good look.


Wearing this accessory is great way to style you arm. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. If you wear these you will also feel good ,responsible and you will be more punctual for you work.Wearing watches sends a message that you are a responsible and punctual person.Being a disciplined , responsible and punctual is its own way of becoming sexy.


Wearing proper shoes tells a lot about your personality your life choices. It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. I am not saying this , the girl out there they said they subconsciously look at guys shoes first.I don’t know whats the logic behind this but if they like shoes they found a men sexy.There are various shoes available according to type of clothes you wear.If your in casual clothes,there are casual shoes available.If you are playing sports there are sports shoes available , If you are going to office then formal shoes are available.Don’t misplace them , they are used according to requirement.Other than that you must have sense to choose what suits your clothing.


It is an experience of lot of guys out there . It is one of things Women love of Men’s clothing wear very much. They share their experience and recommend to always smell nice.Girls always get attracted to some who has good cologne.Having good cologne doesn’t mean you will use it it heavy amount.You have to be very precise while applying cologne to your body.It should not be too much nor too less.As precise as it is , the more the chances of being sexy and attract other women.

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