Here is a list of unattractive things which most of us do which every one else find less attractive.One must avoid below listed things to stop being less attractive.

There are certain things which we can do to improve our personality and our value in front of 100 peoples if we avoid doing below things. There are many things which we can avoid doing and make our self a better version than you were previously before.

Every single person can improve our self if he / she identify what things to avoid being less attractive.To help you improving yourself , I have listed 10 things which you can definitely avoid from being less attractive.

Following is a list of unattractive habits:-


Unattractive habit of Letting others down is i think is biggest heart breaking thing some people do.Common man you are financially strong and some is not , it doesn’t mean you are going to disrespect him or her.Whoever is doing this must understand that letting people doesn’t make you look good or going to make you rich. In fact if you are capable of helping them then you must do it.Because you are doing good in life , and helping those who are struggling will give immense amount of satisfaction to your heart.Life is a bitch you never know how life will slap you and bang you are down from private jet to foot path.It doesn’t time my friend from going down.it take time to go up.


Unattractive habit of Bitching is kind of disease which is kind off spreading in today’s world like a virus. There are thousands of people out there which have nothing to do with their life has only thing left is bitching.There are probably 2-3 people in your own friend circle who comes in this category.I don’t know what people get while bitching about other person unnecessarily without even having any personal problem. The thing that makes you less attractive in this case that , if you are smart you will eventually find which person have which habit and if you find out whom you think a good friend is a bitch then it hurts and definitely decrease your value in front of 10 others because such people don’t deserve to be in your life.


Unattractive habit of Poor hygiene is biggest turn off in today’s world.Because in this generation every one will judge you on the basis of how you treat your self.Every one likes to be around some one who is nice , neat , clean , tidy who smell nice who looks nice. But if you are not the one who takes care of your hygiene then you have to increase your hygiene game. The problem is when you don’t maintain your hygiene , it shows you couldn’t treat your self well so how the hell are you going to treat others well. There is something attractive about someone who is hygienic and also less attractive about one who doesn’t maintain it.


Unattractive habit of Bragging is one of the things that makes him self or her self down by his own action. It is the kind of activity today’s generation fond off. I don’t know what good feeling they get after bragging about their wealth , their car , their contacts , their action which are mostly stupid. Look having good money , nice car , good contacts is not an issue.The problem is no one likes the one who is always brag about it. To avoid this one must read books , reading is best medicine for your brain and your health.Because if you have read any thing you wouldn’t brag it.And the one who read books , bragging is not an option for them.


Unattractive habit of yelling.What the hell is happening to some people , I can’t even figure out.If you have issues man you can talk.If you are disappointed about some thing or from some one you can talk privately is your personal space. This will do a job for both of you.Talking loudly in public attracts every one’s attention and shame associated with it will be an additional thing.To avoid being less attractive just go to a personal space talk as much as you can as loud as you want. Because that will be a legal and every one will understand every one has its own life problems. No one would make a bad name of you and also you won’t get less valuable.


Unattractive habit of Littering , seriously if some one does this even after knowing what kind of impact it has already been given to our earth is seriously a big issue.Littering is one of the most unattractive of any individual whether it is man or women.It gives a subconscious message to every one out there is what a irresponsible person he is .The more amount of waste we spread on roads or every where out there the more people watching you and making a negative perception about you. To avoid being less attractive be a responsible person always put waste in dustbin only.This will have two benefits one is place will get clean and waste is being collected properly for proper processing.


Unattractive habit of Abusing in public is one of the most immature thing some individual does . I don’t know what they think of them selves after abusing in public. I might think they found them self a very cool , macho but in reality it sucks watching an individual such behavior.Every one abuses in today’s generation but deliberately doing in public to grab attention is worst thing one can ever do.It shows you don’t even care of what every one will think what message you are showing , what kind of example you are setting up for young individual might looking at you in public while you are abusing.


Caucasian couple arguing on sofa

Unattractive habit of avoiding eye contact.It is important to maintain eye contact while talking to any one out there.If you do so , it shows you are confident about yourself you know what you are talking about.And there is different level of attractiveness of confident peoples. As eye contact shows you are confident and if you don’t maintain one you will find that person attractive.It shows you don’t have guts to look up straight into some one eyes to say any thing you want.If any one fail to maintain eye contact you are kind of feel little uncomfortable little weird being around such person.


Unattractive habit of Poor grooming decrease your being attractive meter. It is necessary to take shower daily , to cut nails if they are long , to cut hair if they are long , to wash face twice a day.These are all grooming things one must do increase your being attractive meter.And if you want to decline that meter you can skip doing above things even if they are highly necessary.Always remember it is important to be well presentable and in perfect grooming .


Unattractive habit of over cologne.Using bad ass cologne is sexy.Every one loves to be around someone who smells nice especially girls but if you over do it you will also receive some negative comments on your perfume.To avoid this one must understand the strength of perfume after applying and stop if you feel this will be so much.Because there is very small difference between being attractive by smell and being untouchable due to smell.Because too much cologne can bring headache to anyone around you.

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